SPECTRA Laser microphones: audio equipment and listening devices for remote audio Laser surveillance

To place an order, simply write us an e-mail message or fax your order to the following references (please remove REMOVETHIS from email address):


+39 06 233 123 54   (operating 24/7)

If you are a dealer or exclusive distributor, your order MUST include your dealer or exclusive distributor code for correct processing. Credit card and Paypal payments are accepted, however, surcharges apply.

Shipping fees are NOT included and must be added to the product price upon ordering: since shipping fees may vary depending on country and preferred shipping method, we need to know both your shipping address and preferred shipping method BEFORE we can confirm order total and payment collection.

We ship using EMS (speed post - air mail: cheapest method but fairly slow and unreliable in comparison to courier) UPS, FedEx or DHL (fast and reliable shipping, however quite expensive in some cases). Lead times for shipping our Laser microphone models may vary.


Payment accepted is 100% in advance using one of the following methods:

Credit Card (surcharges apply);

Paypal (surcharges apply);

Wire/Telegraph Transfer (our full bank coordinates will be informed upon ordering).


to AFRICAN COUNTRIES which are well known fraudster nests, such as:

and the like...