SPECTRA Laser: a Laser microphone for remote audio surveillance, audio eavesdropping, spy audio and audio recording

SPECTRADOME is a leading company in the surveillance and security business: we are based in Switzerland but also have branch offices in Italy.

Featuring an extremely wide product selection, ranging from consumer CCTV products to hi-tech surveillance devices, SPECTRADOME also specializes in the manufacturing and development of specific, hi-quality electronic equipment: the SPECTRA Laser series represents the final results of our efforts to make finally available some of the most advanced and reliable Laser surveillance tools in the industry.

Along with the best parabolic microphones in the world we also manufacture (and whose complete product information you will be able to find by browsing www.bestparabolicmicrophones.com), our Laser audio monitoring devices complete a full selection of professional remote listening tools with no match on this planet. Please consider us at your service for any information you may need concerning our Laser and parabolic microphones, their resale and exclusive distribution worldwide: find out more by browsing the "distributorship" section of our website.